Born in Verona in 1528, Bernardino India worked with Sanmicheli (see Palazzo Canossa and Cappella Pellegrini in S. Bernardino di Verona) and with Andrea Palladio (villa Pojana and Palazzo Thiene in Vicenza). Influenced by the Emilian Mannerism, mostly by Parmigianino, he worked mainly in Verona and its surroundings, where he made a great number of refined altarpieces between 1560 and 1590.
The inscription “Bernardinus India postremo vitae anno MDXC faciebat” that was found on one of these altarpieces (Il martirio di Santa Degnamerita) allows us to place his death in 1590.

Grottesche by Bernardino India in villa Pojana

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