1536 circa-1616

Antonio de’ Ferrari, known as Antonio Foler, was born in Venice around 1536. He was a member of the local “Arte dei depentori” from 1590 to 1612. He died in 1616.

Affresco di Antonio Ferrari Foler a Villa Barbarigo Vicenza

Not much has remained of his works: we can admire only some paintings in the Venetian churches of S. Caterina and S. Stefano, a decoration in the “Sala della Quarantia Civil Nuova” of Palazzo Ducale, and the frescoes of villa Barbarigo in Noventa Vicentina.

He was a minor figure in the venetian artistic scene and he always worked with a certain freedom in the sphere of the late Mannerism’s figurative culture. His paintings, despite the occasional lack of refinement, are rich in expressive strength.

Affresco Lepanto di Antonio Foler a Villa Barbarigo

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