1530 circa – post 1584

Anselmo Canera was born in Verona (like most of Andrea Palladio’s collaborators) around 1530. He completed his apprenticeship as a painter in Giovanni Francesco Caroto’s workshop. He is the author of the decorations of Palazzo Thiene in Vicenza and those of Villa Pojana in Pojana Maggiore – in collaboration with Bernardino India – between 1550 and 1560. As one can see in his early work, this artist strayed from the soft and delicate language of Bernardino India and drew inspiration from Giulio Romano, thus creating strongly expressive and realistic figures. Later he worked on some churches and palaces in Verona.

His last work of art was “L’oltraggio al Faraone“, dated 1584, which, in the absence of further evidence, allows us to place Canera’s death after this year.

Affresco di Anselmo Canera a villa Pojana

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